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A beautiful Art Nouveau Emile Galle cameo glass vase c 1900 with original Galle label. The 3 colour vase is finely and beautifully decorated with a design of rose flowers and leaves. Signed in cameo Galle, the vase is further enhanced by 5 pinched areas to make the piece even more unusual.

Acid etched and fire polished this is a fine example of the quality workmanship produced by Galle. There is also an original Galle Nancy Paris label and another label for Cristallerie Galle. A rare and unusual piece.


Emile GALLE  Nancy 1846 – Nancy 1904  Industrialist, master glassblower, cabinet-maker, ceramist – After several apprenticeships in various European cities, Weimar and Meisenthal amongst others, Emile Gallé became a partner at his father’s glass and faience decoration business in 1867.

Ten years later, he took over the family business and extended its activities to cabinet making in 1885. Previously acknowledged at the Clay and Glass Exposition in 1884, Emile Gallé was honored at the 1889 Paris World Fair with three rewards for his ceramics, glasswork, and furniture.

Unfortunately, and to the great regret of Emile Gallé, ceramic work was no longer popular amongst the public, thus he oriented his focus to glasswork, a domain in which he developed and created new fabrication procedures.

His research lead to the registration of two patents in 1898, one of which concerned the glass marquetry and the other on glass finish.

His work expresses throughout multiple references his diverse interests, in which nature plays a dominant, but not exclusive, role.

His patriotic and political commitments were best expressed at the Paris World Fairs of 1889 and 1900 in such pieces as The Rhine Table (which calls for the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France) and the spectacular installation of The seven pitchers Marjolaine (for the rehabilitation of Dreyfus).

Involved early on in the renewal of decorative arts, Emile Gallé distributed in his French, German and English warehouses quality work throughout Europe.

In 1901, he was the founder and the first president of the Ecole de Nancy, the Alliance Provinciale des Industries d’Art.

Date c 1900


Approx 35 cm tall and 16 cm at its widest

Condition report

Excellent original condition but there are white marks within the inside of the glass. These would have been present at manufacturing

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