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The mirror picture in good condition and of large size. It depicts an elderly Mandarin wearing his formal blue court ‘dragon’ robe, which is fur lined and is therefore his winter robe, sitting on a tiger skin which is a symbol of strength. He wears a first rank badge of office symbolised by the crane and the calligraphy on the book on his desk states that he is a superintendent of a province.

His handsome fur brimmed red tasselled hat sports a red finial also pertaining to a first rank. Hanging from the hat is a peacock feather. These plumes were given to the Mandarin by the Emperor for duties carried out on his behalf.  He wears a mandarin necklace which is probably coral which also pertains to the top-ranking mandarins.
Standing by his desk is a young man, possibly his grandson,  whom he appears to be teaching. The young boy looks on earnestly. He also wears a hat but without a hat finial. He wears his informal attire, a chestnut robe with a blue Lingtou collar. Both wear black silk boots.

China                                                                     Circa 1800

Width  29"  74cm
Height 50"   127cm

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