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An Unusual Dutch Copper and Brass Tobacco Box the Lower Lid Engraved with Falconry Scenes Showing Men on Horseback with Birds on their Gloved Fists

Another Riding with a Falcon Seizing a Heron and Two People Standing with a Large Falcon Perched on the Man’s Hand

The lid to the top engraved with Hounds Hunting Stags and Hares a Squirrel in a Tree and with a Team of Horses Pulling a Coach

The side to the front engraved with an Amorous Couple in Bed Enclosed in a Garden between a Man and Wife

The back engraved with Numerous Swans on a Lake with a Man Fishing from a Small Boat

Mid 18th Century

Size: 3cm high, 18cm wide, 5cm deep - 1¼ ins high, 7 ins wide, 2 ins deep


Falconry techniques and knowledge have been traded between different cultures throughout history, even those at war with each other. European Knights took falcons with them on the crusades and learned how to hood falcons from their enemy.

In the early 12th century Persian falconer Usamah Ibn Muquidh complained that because his hunting land was now next to Frankish territory his falconry expeditions needed extra horses, attendants and weapons.

A besieged Richard I sent an envoy to Prince Saladin to request food for his starving falcons. Saladin immediately delivered baskets of his best poultry for the falcons.


3cm high, 18cm wide, 5cm deep
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