About the object

Dal Castello Azzurro

Acrylic on canvas: 60 x 60 cm
Signed & dated 2017

by Roberto Talignani (b. 1945)

Contemporary Italian artist Roberto Talignani lives and works in Parma – the city in which he was born. Talignani initially studied Stage Design at the Institute of Art in Parma and furthered his training in scenography at the Academy of Brera in Milan.

During his time in Milan Talignani took a particular interest in painting, prompting him to continue his studies at the Academy of Brera under the tutelage of Domenico Cantatore. Here Talignani met many influential artists, such as the Futurist Carlo Carrà, Piero Manzoni and Giacomo Manzù, as well as the prominent art critics Guido Ballo and Mario de Micheli.

Inspired by equestrian sculptures and paintings from Classical Greek and Italian Renaissance art, Talignani seeks beauty in these traditional models and modernises them, adorning his horses with blocks of vibrant colour and decorative motifs which he has discovered in ancient monasteries, palaces and museums.

Talignani has participated in both group and solo exhibitions throughout Italy and has exhibited alongside contemporary artists such as Mario Ceroli and Arman. John Adams Fine Art is delighted to welcome Talignani’s exciting paintings to London for the first time.