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Cypriot Bichrome ware amphora


Circa 750-600 BC


The amphora with fine, precise decoration painted in umber and dark brown. The spherical body with cylindrical neck and triple reeded handles at right angles to the shoulder and lip, set on a flaring base. The body is decorated with a broad band of umber and a larger of brown, interspersed and bordered by groups of narrow brown bands.

The outer edge of the foot and the inner ridge of the handles painted umber, the outer ridges decorated with a ladder pattern of dark brown. Around the neck is a continuous narrow band of brown zigzag, the shoulder decorated on both sides with a chequerboard triangle contained within five diagonal strokes either side, and two linear motifs.

The upper surface of the rim with groups of short brown strokes, the interior of the lip with a thick umber band and four narrow brown bands. Intact, the surface with rootilation and wear.


Takey Crist, Cyprus Museum of Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA


Compare The Loch Collection of Cypriote Antiquities; Lionel Massey Memorial Exhibition (Toronto, 1966), p.31, no.77


Takey Crist, The Cyprus Museum (Nicosia, 2005), p.6


Height 25.1cm

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