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Circa   1850 to Circa   1870

Official costume in imperial China was highly regulated, and the decorative motifs of court costumes were specific to rank. Full length, semi formal coats called jifu were worn by all in attendance at court or in service of the Manchu imperial government and became the official Qing period costume.

The use of the blue colour was associated with the Temple of Heaven, south of the palace, where the Emperor offered sacrifice at the winter solstice and also prayed for rain during the summer months. The dragon robe was used for the period of fasting that prededed the ceremony.

It requires nine large dragons rendered full face or in profile; clouds, wave and mountains symmetrically arrranged to represent an orderly universe. This example is further embellished with auspicious Buddhist and Daoist symbols including peaches, cranes and bats.

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Dimensions   135.00cm high

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