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A Central African Democratic Republic of Congo Mongo Saka Peoples Long Oval Wickerworked Shield 
Rattan Raffia and Wood
Good condition
Late 19th Century

Size: 143cm long, 24.5cm wide - 56½ ins long, 9¾ ins wide


On no other continent in the world is there a wider spectrum of shield types than Africa. The craftsmanship of the individual tribes and the local availability of plants and animals played a decisive role in the development of individual shield types.

Wicker shields came from the areas of tropical rainforest. The Saka people are one of the sixty sub-tribes of the Mongo who constitute the most important Bantu group. Amongst them are a large number of pygmy groups.

Living in the rainforest, the Mongo peoples all make and use shields constructed from two layers of wicker put one on top of each other and then stabilised with a braided reed or cane rim.


Ex Belgian collection


143cm long, 24.5cm wide
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