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Gold, Carved Agate & Pearl

H  3.80cm (1.50 in)  |  W  3.50cm (1.38 in)

Origin: France, c. 1895

Marks: Eagle's head

Case: Fitted Case

Condition: Very good

Weight: 24.70 Grams

A rare depiction in jewelry of a naiad* (fresh water mermaid) encircled by two sturgeon & water lily leaves. It appears that the naiad has called the sturgeon up stream to spawn.

Inspiration & workmanship worthy of a Faberge Jewel.
A Fin de Siecle homage to caviar?
*see painting by J W Waterhouse 1896 Hylas is abducted by the Naiads.


H 3.80cm (1.50 in) | W 3.50cm (1.38 in)


24.70 Grams

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Very good

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