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Set in a wood-framed and metal-clasped box with four large rectangular panels on the long sides, the interior and the top of the cover and two square panels on the narrow sides, the panels decorated with scenes set in terraced and mountainous landscapes with on the exterior and interior of the lid a lady seated at a table; a vase and an incense burner on the table, a small boy crouching next to her, a further lady approaching carrying wrapped books, mountains in the distance, the long sides painted with two scholars in conversation at a rockwork table beneath a tree, the square side panels painted with unusual scenes of European figures; a lady dressed in long robes, flowing scarves and a head dress, holding a long object in one hand, her bare feet visible beneath her dress, what appears to be a boy cherub, dressed only in a loincloth and holding a peculiar object by his shoulder, and facing them a male figure elaborately dressed kneeling and holding one hand at the back of his stockinged calf, a large Chinese vase with a ruyi scepter nearby, all panels bordered by blue key-fret pattern.

Period: Qianlong 1736-1795


Length: 15 cm; 5 ¾ in

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