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A bamboo figure of a gentleman seated, leaning against rockwork, he holds a sprig of lingzhi fungus in his right hand and there is a basket of the fungus beside him; a scythe is balanced against the rocks behind the gentleman. He wears a long robe, falling open to reveal his chest and belly, and a cloth cap; his bare feet protrude from the hems of the robe. His hair, moustache and beard are incised, and his features bear a happy expression. 

Qing dynasty, 17th–18th century

For similar examples, see Wang, Zhuke Jianshang, no. 16, pp. 62–3; and Zhongguo Meishu Fenlei Quanji: Zhongguo Zhu Mu Ya Jiao Qi Quanji, Vol. 1, no. 18, p. 16, dated Ming, and no. 82, p. 70, dated Qing, both in the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.

See also a related figure of Dongfang Shuo in Shi, Literati Spirit: Art of Chinese Bamboo Carving, no. 51, pp. 114–15, in the collection of the Shanghai Museum.            


height 10.2 cm

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