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A fabulous antique Tibetan Khaden rug, these rugs are known as sleeping rugs and were used for just that, to sleep on.  Woven in the early 20th century, the design and colours are typical of this period, the lovely soft green border colour is more unusual though.  Beautiful colours and in excellent pile all over, a wonderful small decorative rug.

Purchase this rug online and we shall send it securely to your home, included in the price is our excellent anti-slip rug underlay.

Tibetan rugs and antiques cannot be properly introduced without a brief discussion of the Tibetan plateau, the highest plateau in Asia. There is a fundamental uniqueness that cannot be duplicated.  That is, the plateau's isolation is indigenous to a few animals and plants. Because of the high altitudes, usually well over 2500m, it is cold and the air lacks oxygen. Tibet is very unique with the Tibetan sheep and yak can live only at high altitudes.  Designs of Tibetan rugs have largely been influenced by Chinese designs and sometime incorporated traditional folk motifs. 


136 x 80 cm / 4'6" x 2'7"

Condition report

A full dense pile, excellent colours and condition.

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