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Antique London-decorated Paris Porcelain Plate, 
Probably painted by Thomas Martin Randall,
Circa 1815-20.

The London-decorated Paris porcelain plate is by the same hand that decorated the fabled "Mackintosh" service on Nantgarw porcelain.  It is painted with a colourful long-tailed parrot in green, yellow and blue in an exotic landscape.  The border is adorned with gilt ivy and tendrils.

Diameter: 8 3/4 inches (22 cm)

Reference: The painting is by the same hand as the `Mackintosh' service of Nantgarw porcelain painted in London.  At one time attributed to Charles Muss, the painting is now believed to be by Thomas Martin Randall whose workshop of Robins and Randall decorated white French
porcelain as well as Nantgarw.

See example in The Bowes Museum-Provenance: Lady Ludlow Collection (gift of the National Art Collections Fund).

The service to which these plates belong was illustrated and discussed by W.D. John and Catherine Coombes in Nantgarw Porcelain supplement no. 2, The Mackintosh Services, Ill. 6.

Some of the bird subjects in the service are taken from engravings by Le Vaillant of Paris.


Diameter: 22 cm.

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