This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

Earthenware, amber glaze.

Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

Possibly from the Gongxian kilns, Henan, China.

Covered in a thick lead based amber glaze the ox stands square on a rectangular platform with its nostrils flared and eyes bulging, the tail flicked over its haunches. Like many of the earthenware produced in this period, this beautifully modelled ox, replicated from daily life but in a miniature size, would have been a burial object.




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  • Another ox figure is illustrated by Mayuyama Ryusendo & Co in ‘5th Special exhibition of Tokyo Fine Art Club, Catalogue of Chinese Antique Porcelain.’ October 1972. pg.27 cat.13.



H: 15cm, W:22cm.
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