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A Flambé-glazed bottle vase
High-fired stoneware, copper and iron red
18th century
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, South Central China
H: 38.8 cm D: 22cm

Heavily potted with rounded sides rising from a short and thick footring and surmounted by a tall and slightly flared cylindrical neck. The vase is covered on the exterior in vibrant glaze with shades ranging from a ruby-red to a milky blue to a purple hue, thinning at the mouth of the rim to an earthy-brown colour.

The flambé glaze witnessed a revival in the age of antiquarianism during the Qing dynasty, which saw a lot of Song dynasty (AD 960-1279) monochromes revitalized. The glaze exhibited on this vase has attempted to imitate the Jun glazes of Henan province, North China. The Jingdezhen potters combined colloidal copper, iron and other metals into the glaze to create an effect known as ‘yaobian’ (transmutation glaze), a highly desirable outcome.

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H: 38.8 cm D: 22cm
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