Martin Brothers Bird

Martin Brothers Birds

Prices for the unique Martin Brothers “Wally” Birds continue to beat records year by year. The birds, which are the life’s work of Wallace brother Robert Wallace, are as highly coveted now as when they were created, and fuel the near-insatiable appetite of their collectors and admirers.


The Martin Brother's birds were created between the 1870s and the second decade of the 20th Century. Each is completely unique, and hand-crafted by one of the pioneers of the British Art Pottery movement, as well as a significant player in the Arts and Crafts movement.


Their creator, Robert Wallace Martin, is very highly regarded (indeed, the word Genius is often mentioned) and his work can be found in a wide range of local, and national museums and collections. 


Stoneware collectors often develop a very personal relationship with their sculptures, even giving them names, and they are affectionately considered part of the family. At the same time, no other maker of British Art Pottery elicits the same appetite for provenance details of their creatures.


If a piece is found to have been part of a major collection in a previous life, it can have a significant impact on their value and desirability to collectors. 

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The Bird Passports

Alison Davey, owner of AD antiques, has been active in the field for over 20 years, and made the decision that is was time to start properly recording the Birds’ histories.


She has started producing “Passports” for each of the distinct and iconic Birds so that present and future collectors can follow and record their history, documenting it through the years to come.


The passport will form “adoption” paperwork as the birds change hands from collector to collector, and will accompany the birds on their future travels, with each successive owner adding to the bird’s life story. 


The “passports” will be offered on a complimentary basis to every current owner of a Wally Bird. Passport production values will mirror those of a UK Passport, with a unique identification number, linen binding and a cover embossed with silver leaf.


Images of the birds forwarded by collectors and curators can be included so the passports can be completely personalized to each individual sculpture. 


It is hoped that, over time, these passports will create a documentary record for each Bird that has stood the test of time, and will enable Martin Brothers enthusiasts to provide a more informed answer to the question of how many of his Birds are out there.


For further information please contact Alison Davey on 07811 783518 or [email protected] 


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