BADA Friends Northern Ambassador

BADA Friends Appoints New Northern Regional Ambassador

The Friends of the BADA (British Antique Dealers’ Association) Trust are delighted to announce that Nicholas Merchant is to become its new Northern Regional Ambassador. Living in Harrogate and running his own company Aspect Events, Nicholas is well-known for his work with the Arts Society for whom he is an accredited lecturer.

The Makers Series: Thomas Rowlandson

A prolific artist and printmaker, Thomas Rowlandson is best known for his brilliant and often savage satirical caricatures, which lampooned both the wealthy elite, and the working man with equal intensity. Nearly 200 years after his death, Rowlandson’s extensive body of work offers a remarkable and unrivalled insight into the characters and culture of contemporary Georgian Society.

Terms of the Trade: Klismos Chair

A klismos or klismos chair is a style of lightweight, simple, yet elegant seating furniture that originated in Ancient Greece and found popularity once more during the Neoclassical era in Western Europe. 

Although no Ancient examples survive, klismos chairs can be seen in Greek painted pottery and ceramics from as early as the 5th century BC onwards. Such as this amphora from the Attic Peninsula, circa 460 BC, from the British Museum Collection.

The Makers Series: Martin Brothers

The sons of a wholesale stationers’ clerk, the four Martin Brothers, Robert Wallace, Walter, Edwin and Charles are amongst the most important names in British art pottery, creating some of the weirdest and most wonderful studio pottery pieces of the late Victorian and early 20th century.

Parents Robert Thomas Martin and Margaret Fraser moved from Suffolk in the early 19th century, making a home for their nine children in London. Eldest son Robert Wallace Martin (1843-1923) showed early artistic promise and was apprenticed to the architectural sculptor J.B. Phillips.

BADA Art Prize 2022 - Winner Announced

The British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) is thrilled to announce the winner of the BADA Art Prize 2022: Rosalie Oakman.

Rosalie’s work exemplified the criteria and highlights our core principles of conservation and sustainability. We would like to congratulate her on this achievement.


BADA Art Prize Winner 2022

Le prix d’être une femme
Rosalie Oakman
Offcuts of lace and crochet

From the Artist:

The Makers Series: Vulliamy & Sons

Although originally from Switzerland, the Vulliamy family achieved renown as one of Britain’s finest makers of clocks and watches in the 18th and 19th century.

Family patriarch Francois-Justin Vulliamy (known as Justin) was born in 1712 in the Pays de Vaud region of Switzerland. The area is sandwiched between Lake Neuchâtel to the North and Lake Geneva to the South, and at the time was already synonymous with high quality watchmaking.

Terms of the Trade: Netsuke

Netsuke is both the singular and collective term given to the intricate miniature sculptures and wood carvings that became hugely popular in Japan, and later in Europe and North America, from the 17th century onwards.

A clue to the origins of these beautiful sculptures is contained in the etymology of the word netsuke, which is formed the characters ne 根, meaning root, and tsuke 付, which means attached. Put simply, netsuke originated as a simple device for securing belongings to the belt.