BADA Week 2021



We are excited to announce BADA Week 2021 which will run from the 11th – 17th of October!

BADA Week 2021 will be a nation-wide, gallery-based and online series of events to celebrate the diverse and outstanding community the BADA represents. We want to highlight the benefit of visiting our members’ galleries, exhibition spaces, collections and specialities in person with an exciting offering of events both in person and online.

We are excited to be collaborating with Edward Bulmer Natural Paints for the event logo which we are thrilled to share with you. Edward is a long-standing supporter of the art and antiques industry and a firm believer in the eco nature of the industry: “Antique dealers have to know a great deal as the field is large, the substantiation of value crucial and dealers’ offerings can span many centuries. I have learnt so much talking to them over the years and seldom met one without a passion to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Antiques are the ultimate recycled products - made from mainly natural materials, endlessly repairable and useful for generations. In the antiques I have bought, I feel the human narrative of those discerning enough to have pre-owned them and those skilled enough to have created them. They bring me quiet joy and endless fascination”