BADA member AD Antiques' historic sale

On the week of the 19th June 2021, BADA member AD antiques made history for selling an important piece of British Art Pottery.

The Exhibition Vase, produced for the Franco British Exhibition of 1908, was made by the Director or Art, Gordon Forsyth. The exhibition ran for 4 months and attracted over 8 million visitors in the area of London now known as White City.

The catalogue for the exhibition can be viewed here where there is an entire section on the Pilkington’s exhibits.

The vase depicts St George slaying the Dragon in relief in a glorious golden lustre with a Maiden watching on with the text “St George for England”. Standing 53cm high it bears the date cypher of 1908, the year of the exhibition.

The vase was sold for in excess of £100,000 making it a world record price for a piece by this maker.