BADA Art Prize 2021 - Winner Announced
BADA Art Prize 2021 - Winner Announced

The British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) is thrilled to announce the winner of our inaugural BADA Art Prize: Katie Surridge. Katie’s work exemplified the criteria and highlights our core principles of conservation and sustainability. We would like to congratulate her on this achievement.


“Will you still love me tomorrow?”

Cast bronze takeaway container 2020 edition.


From the Artist:


“In the UK alone we use and throw away billions of disposable food containers and utensils every year, and as we know, disposing of them doesn’t mean they disappear. A lot of disposables are landfilled, blown or washed into waterways or end up as yet more plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. Plastic sticks around in the environment for ages, threatening wildlife and spreading toxins, they also contribute to global warming.

In this work, the iconic clamshell polystyrene fast food box becomes immortalised and is cast in bronze. Not only this but when I found the original item on the beach in Margate, it had been ‘sculpted’ by hungry seagulls desperate to get the left-over chips it once housed.

So, for the BADA art prize I would like people to try and imagine a future where plastic will have been banned and more sustainable materials are used. The longevity of bronze ensures this objects survival, making it the perfect material for an object that one day may become an antique.

Hopefully by this time Humans will be living in harmony with the planet and all that will be left from the challenges faced by Covid 19 and the mass of fast food containers used will be this one cast bronze box.”