Zoom Talk - Amherst Antiques: Five Tunbridge Ware Rarities

Five Tunbridge Ware Rarities

Amherst Antiques’ Tunbridge Ware specialist, Dianne Brick, will be presenting an illustrated talk via Zoom on Tuesday 4th October at 6pm London time when she will be discussing five pieces of Tunbridge Ware which she considers to be rarities.

In thirty- seven years of dealing in Tunbridge Ware each piece has features, which Dianne considers to be unusual. She will start by discussing two pieces dating from around 1810 – one a basket, that is painted red and the other a rare surviving pair of painted playing card boxes.

She will then move onto discuss this handsome octagonal needlework box from the 1820’s (pictured right) and a most unusual inkstand from the 1840’s. The final piece will be from the 1870’s - a pincushion box from the renowned maker, Thomas Barton, who is known to have produced shapes uniquely his own.

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