Steve des Landes

Messum’s are proud to announce the first London exhibition of the Liverpudlian painter Steve des Landes.

Steven des Landes paints people and landscapes filled with angst, uncertainty, anguish and hope; he reveals romance and disappointment; opportunity and failure; fear and fable. His people seem to be preoccupied; life seems to be elsewhere. He is – as his work boldly attests – an artist with an extraordinary personal vision. At a time when painting is once again re-establishing its importance, he is a new force to be reckoned with.

“Steve des Landes fits well into our interest in exceptional British figurative artists” comments David Messum. “His work has a new story to tell and is right for this moment as we all question how we live and what we are doing to our planet. des Landes’ paintings have a medieval quality, a narrative that speaks of human conditions reflecting his own inner experiences. Concern for lives as yet unfulfilled, they illustrate everyday experience.”

12 Bury Street
St. James’s
United Kingdom

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