Spencer Swaffer Antiques: Seven at Seven

Seven at Seven
11 - 17th October

Spencer Swaffer will be contributing to BADA Week with a special Instagram event, Seven at Seven.

Each evening for the seven nights, at seven o clock,  an exciting recent find will be posted to Spencer’s Instagram page @spencerswaffer

Seven strong items for seven days, all with a bit of a backstory as to how they were found.  All have been discovered in the last seven weeks. Spencer, with 31,000 followers on his page, operates a strong online business.

“We played unsuitable music when most shops operated in silence. We served cappuccino when most offered Nescafé, if anything.  We were one of the first to operate a website, and one of the first to Instagram!”

Finds, closely guarded secrets, will include pottery, garden ornament, objects as well as furniture.

United Kingdom