Stories, Beer, Courtship and Ceremony

Stories, Beer, Courtship and Ceremony - Exploring Scandinavian Folk Art

BADA Week Exhibition at Robert Young Antiques

14 - 18 November 2023

As part of the event programme for BADA Week 2023, Robert Young Antiques will be hosting a special week-long exhibition of Scandinavian Folk Art at their Battersea Gallery.

Entitled "Stories, Beer, Courtship and Ceremony", the exhibition is a curated collection of pieces that explore the region's historic traditions of ritual and revelry.

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Jesus and the Samaritan at Jacob's WellWorks featured in the exhibition include this graphic narrative Folk Art Kurbitz or "Bonad" painting of Jesus and the Samaritan at Jacob's Well.

Dated 1866, the biblical characters are depicted in traditional Swedish costume and painted in oils and body colour on hand-made card.


Another example is the large ceremonial horse head Kasa or "Kjenge" (pictured top and bottom).

Large Ceremonial Horse Head Kasa or "Kjenge"Fashioned from dug-out, hand carved and painted birchwood, the Norwegian drinking bowl is inscribed and dated 1791.

Measuring 5 ½" high x 11 ¼" wide x 6" deep, the impressive cup retains its original 'rosemaling' decoration.


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