Emmanuel Fremiet: War Horse

Emmanuel Fremiet was born in Paris on 6th December 1824, and is most famous for his 1874 study of ‘Jean d’Arc’ located in the ‘Place des Pyramides.  

The piece we are showcasing however is an earlier work of his, and although illustrated in Christopher Paynes ‘Animals in Bronze’ 1997 edition, Fremiet’s ‘War Horse’ remains a very rare and sought after piece. 
Some believe the sculpture is modelled on Napoleons horse Marengo, although this claim is difficult to confirm. Whilst the name of the horse remains a mystery, the quality of patination and attention to detail in the tack and the alert expression on the horse’s face make this particular sculpture stand out. 
The bronze is signed ‘Fremiet’ to base and numbered 1 to front of harness. It was first exhibited at the Salon in bronze in 1859 and has rarely been seen in circulation over the 20th and early 21st centuries, making Emmanuel Fremiet’s “War Horse’ a rare, exciting and highly collectible 19th century bronze.


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