Tenrei: Elegance

Tenrei: Elegance

BADA Week Exhibition at JAN Fine Art

Thursday 19th October to Friday 17th November 2023

As part of the event programme for BADA Week 2023, JAN Fine Art will be hosting a special exhibition exploring the theme of 'Elegance' through Chinese and Korean Ceramics and Works of Art.

The month long event will be open to the public at JAN Fine Art's premises, 132-134 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4BH.

Among the pieces featured in this specially curated exhibition is a delicate Cizhou dark brown glazed jar, pictured above.

Dating to the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), the jar was made from high fired stoneware at the Cizhou Kilns in Northern China and stands 8cm high with a diameter of 11cm.

Tenrei EleganceAnother example is this beautiful green glazed Yuezhou ware bowl from the Southern Dynasties period, circa 510.

Also made from stoneware, the bowl measures just 8.5cm in height, 16cm in diameter and is decorated with a pattern of carved lotus leaves.

For more information on the exhibition and to download a catalogue, please click here.



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