Edward Seago

For BADA Week 2023, Haynes Fine Art will be exhibiting a pair of works by the English post-impressionist painter Edward Seago.

Born in Norwich, Seago was a self-taught artist and the first of the two paintings featured is a coastal landscape of his native Norfolk.

Image caption:

Edward Seago RBA, ARWS, RWS.
Edward Seago Beach HutsBeach Huts, Norfolk.
Oil on board.
Board size: 11 x 15.75 inches.
Signed lower left.

A remarkable character, Seago was diagnosed with a heart condition at age seven but kept the issue a secret so that he could enlist with the Royal Engineers when war broke out in Europe in 1939.

During his service, Seago worked on developing camouflaging techniques and continued to paint voraciously throughout his service, often gifting works to fellow servicemen.

Edward Seago Mouth of the BosphorusA great favourite of the Royal Family, Edward Seago gifted two paintings a year to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and accompanied the late Duke of Edinburgh on his 1956 tour of the Antarctic. The resulting works, painted in situ by Seago, now adorn the walls at Balmoral.

The second of the featured paintings is a nautical scene of the busy shipping lanes at Istanbul, Turkey.

Image caption:

Edward Seago Mouth of the BosphorusEdward Seago RBA, ARWS, RWS.
The Mouth of the Bosphorus, Istanbul.
Oil on board.
Board size: 22 x 36 inches.
Signed lower left.

Both works will be on view on Haynes Fine Art Stand at the CADA Fair which opens to the public from November 17-19, 2023 at Compton Verney, Warwickshire. Click here for further details.


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