Butchoff Antiques: Parisian Master Craftsmen of the Belle Époque Period

Parisian Master Craftsmen of the Belle Époque Period
11 - 17th October

Featuring works by celebrated cabinet makers from a golden age of French craftsmanship, including Francois Linke, Henry Dasson, Paul Sormani and Barbedienne amongst others.

François Linke was a leading Parisian ébéniste of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1900, the Art Journal reported that, “The work of M. Linke ... was an example of what can be done by seeking inspiration amongst the classic examples of Louis XV and XVI without in any great sense copying these great works. M. Linke's work was original in the true sense of the word, and as such commended itself to the intelligent seeker after the really artistic things of the Exhibition. Wonderful talent was employed in producing the magnificent pieces of furniture displayed.” He undertook several bold and complicated commissions over his lifetime, including the furnishing of Ras al-Tin Palace in Alexandria for King Fuad of Egypt, arguably the largest furniture commission ever made, outshining even Versailles.

Henry Dasson was a nineteenth century Parisian maker of gilt-bronze mounted furniture. He began his career as a bronze sculptor, unlike many other cabinetmakers of the time. This makes his work more characteristic as the bronze chiselling is more high quality and precise when compared to his contemporaries.

Paul Sormani was a French cabinet maker and Bronzier of the highest quality. He established his firm in 1847 in Paris. At the Universal Exhibition of 1867, his work has been described as, “A quality of workmanship of the highest order."

Ferdinand Barbedienne was a French metalworker and manufacturer, who was well known as a bronze founder. The son of a farmer, he started his career as a wallpaper dealer. In 1838 he went into partnership with Achille Collas, who had invented a machine to create miniature bronze replicas of statues. Together they started a business selling miniatures of antique statues from museums all over Europe.


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