Magi Puig

Magi Puig Solo Exhibition.

Messum's St. James's.

1st November - 24th November.

In 1992 Magi Puig won the Young Painter Award at Barcelona’s prestigious Sala Parés Gallery.

Since then he has built steadily upon his early success: his distinctive paintings, with their bright planes of primary colour combined with irresistible attention to detail, are instantly recognizable.

The strong, Mediterranean light sizzles with the heat of the places he has made distinctly his: the canals of Venice, the souks of Morocco, the blue skies of Portugal.

Pati de Ilums Magi PuigMagí Puig’s life and painting revolve largely around his travels, always in search of light: Senegal, Vietnam, Havana, Lisbon and Morocco, among other destinations, but also Barcelona. This is just one of the reasons why his work also captivates those who admire him from Central Europe or Great Britain, where he exhibits regularly.

It is worth noting that this year’s is the fourth solo exhibition by Magí Puig at the prestigious Messums gallery in London, aimed at an audience that has always been very responsive to the work of this Catalan painter.

Magi PuigMagí Puig’s painting is the expression of a very personal view of reality. In the course of more than thirty years of technical and thematic evolution, his gaze has become deeper and richer. I would dare to say that he has reached a “state of grace” as a mature painter who feels pushed towards new challenges, accepts them and resolves them.

I believe that one of his secrets is his fidelity to the original gaze that he continues to project onto the scenes from unusual perspectives, elevated or at ground level, staring at the light until it dazzles him – and us – with dense but translucent surfaces, flat and atmospheric at the same time. Light and shadow become concrete, creating a play of contrasts and forms elaborated by colours, vibrant or restrained, that often go beyond reality.



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