BADA Friends Billingsgate Roman Bath House and Mitheaeum

A private tour and talk at Billingsgate Roman Bath House and Mitheaeum

The Roman Bath House was first discovered in 1848. Today, its remains lie under the building of 101 Lower Thames Street.

We will have a private tour of this unique archaeological site and after our visit we will then take a short walk to the London Mithraeum.

When the Romans founded Londinium nearly 2,000 years ago they built a temple to the god Mithras and this was built on ground near one of London’s most important and now lost rivers, the Walbrook.

This afternoon will give us a fascinating insight into what lies below our feet in the City of London.

To book your place email Friends Director Anne Green at or call 020 7581 5259

£18; Guest price: £20

101 Lower Thames Street
United Kingdom