Contemporary British Ceramics

For BADA Week 2023 British Art Pottery specialists AD Antiques have chosen to showcase the work of two leading contemporary British ceramicists.

Peter Beard

Large Disc in a Wax Resist Glaze mounted on Welsh Slate


40cm high, 31cm wide, 10.5cm deep

Peter writes, "My wax-resist pieces involve combinations of shiny, matt and semi-matt glazes built up in layers to create their textural surfaces during firing.  Wax is used to isolate areas during glaze application".

Large disc in a wax resist glazePeter is widely represented in International museums and important private collections and was awarded an important commission for the ceramic pieces for the Gold Medal winning Monaco Garden, Chelsea Flower Show 2011.

He has exhibited at the Royal Academy and has won numerous prizes for his work including:

Winner of silver medal at XVIII International Biennial of Ceramic Art, Vallauris, France.
Winner of the Pot d’Or at Keramisto, Holland.
Winner of the INAX Design Prize, INAX Corporation, Japan.

He is an Elected Member of the Academy of International Ceramicists and the Council of Craft Potters, UK.

Hand thrown Geometrical Web vaseHeidi Warr

Hand Thrown Globe Vases in 3 sizes:

Large 12” Sphere, edition of 1 


Heidi Writes, "I am very pleased to introduce my design: Geometric Web. The Geometric Web is a hand thrown spherical vase with the application of extremely detailed slip-trailing to create an undulating spider’s web.

"The inspiration for this design evolved as I walked around our garden at home in our sleepy Somerset town. It was early in the morning and the sun was just beginning to show its hand for a new day and all around the garden were spider’s webs encased with the morning dew. They glistened in the early sunlight of the new day and the dew accentuated the amazing workmanship that those busy spiders had been engaging in.

Hand thrown Geometrical Web vase"I was intrigued to learn that spider webs have an interesting significance, they can symbolise how we weave our life together. It reminded me that we all have choices in the life that we construct.

"One of the challenges in this design was achieving the fine intricacy of the slip-trailing. Slip-trailing is not easy, as some of you may be aware, but prefect execution was necessary to ensure the design looked faultless when inspected closely.

"A further design challenge was to create a sense of movement within the design, like the spider webs we see in nature, gently rising and falling on the breeze. I thought carefully how to create the sense of movement I was seeking and an interlocking design seemed to work perfectly.

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