Portrait of King Edward VI, c.1551, Workshop of Guillim Scrots (fl.1537-53)
Portrait miniature of Lady Elizabeth Foster, later Duchess of Devonshire, 1790, Richard Cosway RA (1742-1821)


Philip Mould & Company

Philip Mould & Company are a leading specialist dealer in British art and Old Masters. Our gallery is a new three-storied space in Pall Mall.

They have a large selection of fine paintings for sale, from Tudor and Jacobean panel pictures to eighteenth-century landscapes.

They also offer works by Old Masters such as Titian and Van Dyck, antique portrait miniatures and nineteenth-century and modern British art.

We also host regular exhibitions, with loans from national and international institutions.

About Philip

Philip Mould OBE has specialised in British art for thirty years and is regarded as the foremost expert in British portraiture.

He works closely with private collectors and institutions to build their art collections and is widely consulted by the media.

Portrait Miniatures

Our specialist on portrait miniatures is Emma Rutherford, who was previously head of the miniature department at Bonhams, and before that worked at the V&A.

She is one of the most widely respected portrait miniature specialists, and has published extensively on the subject.

Conservation & Restoration

Philip Mould & Co has overseen the conservation and restoration of thousands of paintings over the last three decades.

Often, it is only through careful cleaning that a picture reveals its true attribution, and of course value.

We are able to offer advice on all aspects of conservation and regularly undertake restoration work for both private clients and museums.

Portrait miniatures require specialist care due to their materials. Painted in watercolour on a support of vellum or ivory, these natural materials can often harbor mould or warp.

At Philip Mould we have access to a museum standard conservation studio and also to a specialist framer and restorer.

We can advise on single miniatures or entire collections, from an individual new glass to re-presenting family groups.

For further information visit philipmould.com


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