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Katoen Natie Art has been a leading global player in logistics since 1854, operating in more than 40 countries with a global workforce exceeding 16,000 employees.

The company also has an abiding passion for fine art and patrimony. The combination of 170 years of logistics knowledge and a passion for art, resulted in the Business Unit Art.

In Belgium the group constructed over +250,000 sqft of hyper-secure, climatized bonded warehouses where international collections of galleries, museums, company & private collections, artist estates, auction houses… are stored.

Bonded Facilities

Katoen Natie also offers unique bonded facilities. All goods stored at their warehouses are free from VAT and/or import duties during their stay. Objects stored at their bonded facilities can leave the warehouses and remain bonded while travelling the EU freely. This is a unique feature.

In short, no import duties or VAT apply while the item is shown at a gallery, auction house, museum… even after Brexit. The other way around, objects with a free circulation status preserve this status inside the EU.

Unique Ecological Storage

Their facilities are one of a kind: for example, their ecological depot is +85,000 sqft, completely airtight, has a lowered oxygen level (14% instead of 21%) making it fireproof, is powered by green energy and has a museum standard climate for art storage… while at an incredibly competitive price tag.

Katoen Natie’s making art storage ecological and affordable.

They also offer the golden standard of climatized storage: museum-quality depots are always at 20°C and 52% RH. No deviation. And climate can be adapted to a client’s wishes.


They are also a one-stop-shop, in addition to storage they also offer viewing/expo/sales rooms, transport, art handling & installation, customs, fair assistance, empty crate storage, collection management …



Katoen Natie Art
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