Thomas Cantrell Dugdale R.A. (1880-1952) Regent Street from Conduit Street, London.
Albert Ludovici Jnr. R.B.A. (1852-1932). Winter Scene in London. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. 12 1/2 x 17 3/4 inches.
Atelier Limited, Fine Art Dealer.


Jonathan Voak

Jonathan Voak previously founded Atelier Limited in 1997, as a family run company based in Grouville, Jersey.

The company specialised in high quality works of art including paintings of London, Paris, New York, Venice and the Channel Islands. Atmospheric scenes of London, the Thames and of the London Docklands have also been a particular focus for him.

Jonathan no longer operates through the company but is still available for consultancy work.

Before setting up Atelier, Jonathan worked for twelve years as a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum. He also worked as Head of Apsley House, the Wellington Museum, on Hyde Park Corner in London.

He advises clients on the acquisition and disposal of high value works of art and has been responsible for making a number of notable acquisitions for both private and public collections.

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Jonathan has spent decades dealing in 17th to 20th century oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and etchings.

He also specialised in early landscapes, portraits and marine paintings and a number of small early oil paintings on panel or copper.

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Jonathan Voak
17th- to early 20th-century oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and etchings including views of the Channel Islands and London Docklands, valuations and conservation
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