image of a dealer offering a valuation

Arranging a valuation

Professional valuations and descriptions will help you understand the true value of your antiques and works of art.

Many BADA members will be able to help with valuations, or recommend a trusted third party. Simply enter ‘valuation’ in our dealer search  to find a BADA dealer near you.

Valuations explained

The figure provided for a valuation usually represents the replacement value of the object concerned.

For peace of mind, valuations, with good descriptions and photographs, can assist with identification after a burglary or repair after damage, and with an insurance claim.

Key information

A good valuation should include the following details:

•    Type of object
•    Materials and techniques
•    Measurements
•    Inscriptions and markings
•    Distinguishing features
•    Subject
•    Title
•    Date or period
•    Maker

Valuation for sale

If you are thinking of selling an item, always take advice from a reputable source, such as a BADA member to help you avoid pitfalls.

It is advisable to obtain more than one valuation for added assurance. We also recommend keeping earlier valuations and receipts, to maintain a complete history of your collection which will assist in confirming provenance for future generations.