BADA Chairman Louise Phillips

Introducing the BADA Council and the team of BADA's London offices

The BADA Council

BADA prides itself on its members close involvement in the running of the Association.

The day to day affairs are carried out by the Secretary General and a small team of permanent staff in London.

Policy and ethical matters are steered by a non-executive President and up to 12 experienced BADA members.

Each of these members is elected by a ballot of their peers to the BADA Council, which is chaired by the Chairman of the Council.

A further six regional representatives may also attend Council meetings in order to represent the interests of regional members throughout the country.

BADA President

Lord Carrington of Fulham

BADA Council officers:

Chairman of the Council: Louise Phillips

Vice-Chairman: Robert Young

Treasurer: Anthony Outred

BADA Council members:

Laura Bordignon
Christopher Buck
Jonathan Coulborn
Ashley Gallant
Angela Hardy
David Isaac
Samuel Marchant
Archie Parker
Peter Petrou
Robert Timms
Dino Tomasso

BADA Regional representatives:

South East region:
Christopher Buck
Christopher Buck Antiques
01303 221229

South West region:

Midlands & Wales region:

Eastern region:
Robert Timms
S & S Timms Antiques Ltd
01525 719300

Northern England & Scotland Region:
Louise Phillips
Elaine Phillips Antiques Ltd
01969 625199

BADA staff:

Secretary General: Mark Dodgson

BADA Managing Director: Ashley Gallant

BADA Friends Director: Anne Green

Accounts: James Ng

Administrator & Events Co-ordinator: Bethany Hodges

Communications Manager: Tingshan Liu

Director of Digital, Media & Technology: Martin Weller


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