A bada dealer providing information and advice to a client

If you are thinking of buying antiques and fine art, here are a list of reasons why it benefits to buy from a BADA member.

Buying antiques with confidence

BADA members are selected for their knowledge, integrity and impeccable business practices.

They seek to build long term relationships with their clients, and are not interested in making a quick sale.

As experts in their chosen fields of specialisation, our members will always able to provide reliable information and advice.

A BADA dealers network of contacts will be invaluable to buyers starting out or improving an existing collection.

BADA members will be able to provide comprehensive advice on the purchase, sale and care of antiques and works of art.

Clients wishing to buy or sell major collections and important antiques can do so discretely, and in complete confidence.

Many of our members have the facilities to restore or advise on the restoration of antiques and works of art.

Finding a BADA dealer

The easiest way to find a BADA member near you is to use our Find a dealer search

Most BADA members maintain a shop or gallery. 

Meeting a dealer face to face often results in a more personal service and greater satisfaction for the buyer. 

Many BADA dealers also display their goods at national and international fairs throughout the year.

Why not visit our own event BADA 2019 open March 20-26, 2019 at Duke of York Square, Chelsea SW3 4LY.

Consumer safeguards

In the unlikely event of a mistake in the description of an item, BADA expects its members to make a full refund of the purchase price.

If there is a dispute between a BADA member and their customer, it can be taken to BADA's free Arbitration Service.

BADA's Arbitration Service provides a free and rapid resolution, using the same experts who would likely be called as expert witnesses in a legal action.


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