At Home with Johnny Van Haeften

Event At Home with Johnny Van Haeften
Date Wed 13th June 2018
Location Beaufort House, Ham Street, Surrey, TW10
When 12.30pm
Cost Cost: £35; Guest price: £40
Johnny Van Haeften Ltd
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Beaufort House is believed to be the Dower House for nearby Ham House as it was built in 1697, on the site of an earlier Tudor building and stands back just off Ham Street.

Not only is Johnny Van Haeften the leading art dealer in Dutch old masters he also has a large collection of Antarctic memorabilia including the last sledge in private hands from Shackleton’s 1907 Nimrod Expedition.

Guests will be welcomed with a glass of Champagne and there will be a buffet lunch. I suggest if you wish to visit Ham House that you do this after the visit to Beaufort House.

Ham is five minutes away but it does close at 4pm.

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