The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers' Fair

Event The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers' Fair
Date Thurs 30th Mar - Sun 2nd Apr 2017
Location Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxon
When 10am - 5.30pm

This is the sixth year for the Blenheim Fair, run by the Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers' Association. It has cultivated an ardent following of collectors, art consultants, interior designers and the public alike making the event a “must-visit” destination.

1stdibs, the leading online marketplace for the best antiques worldwide is sponsoring the fair in recognition of its position as the pre-eminent quality art and antiques fair held outside of London.
Thirty of the Associations members are taking part in the fair many of whom are internationally recognised dealers. The Cotswolds Art and Antique Dealers Association’s membership comprises members of knowledge, integrity and reputation spanning a wide variety of art and antiques and are proud to continue these traditional values.
The CADA Fair is the only art and antique fair staged within the Palace’s Colonnade, Campaign Rooms and Orangery . We invite you to come along and experience exceptional art and antiques in a perfect setting.
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