TEFAF New York highlights from Peter Finer

Posted: 2016-10-21 14:50:20

BADA antique arms and armour specialist Peter Finer will be exhibiting at TEFAF New York, which opens today at the Park Avenue Armory, and to coincide with the exhibition Peter Finer has produced a brand new catalogue entitled ‘Provenance’.

Each of the 14 items in the catalogue are distinguished by their notable origin or provenance, which date from the 1520’s to the early years of the 19th century. Pieces include armour that belonged to European Royalty and firearms from the personal collection of King Louis XIII.

One of the highlights of the collection is a superb suit of fluted plate armour, from the armoury of the Dukes of Brunswick-Luneburg circa 1520-30. The ornate armour was actually created ‘for the field’, meaning that it was intended to be worn in war.

The dramatically sculpted surfaces emulate the elaborately pleated tunics which were the height of male fashion at the Germanic and royal noble courts. The burnished white steel would have reflected sunlight, creating a bright aura around its wearer.

Also included in the catalogue is a magnificent silver-mounted estoc, or thrusting sword, circa 1590-1600, which was made for the elite mounted contingent of the Trabantenleibgarde, or personal guard, of the Prince Electors of Saxony.

Skilled in horsemanship from an early age, guard members of the time were recruited exclusively from the Saxon aristocracy, and the amount of silver used to decorate such swords varied according to the rank of the particular recipient.

Another sensational piece is the silver-mounted flintlock sporting gun by Nicolas-Noel Boutet, circa 1806-08, which was presented by Emperor Napoleon I to his close friend and confidant general, Count Henri-Gratien Bertrand.

Arguably the most highly esteemed gunmaker in history, Nicolas-Noel Boutet worked during the greatest period of social and political upheaval in French history. “Gunmaker in Ordinary” to Louis XVI, he remained the director of the Versailles manufactory throughout the French First Republic, the Empire of Napoleon I and into the reign of Louis XVIII.

Peter Finer Ltd will be exhibiting at Stand 26 at TEFAF New York

To view Peter Finer’s Provenance catalogue in full click here

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