BADA Statement on EU Referendum

Posted: 2016-06-24 13:34:10


Now is the time for cool heads and steady hands. It is imperative that the UK focuses on an expansive, inclusive, open-minded and entrepreneurial stance for the future.

The UK art and antiques market is a global centre of excellence. We now have an opportunity to both invest and ensure that we can take a significant role in helping to shape the UK economy and our relationship with Europe and the wider world.

The UK Government has the opportunity now to focus on supporting the art and antique marketplace and implementing policies which support our global perspective.

The democratic structures in the EU have caused difficulties on issues such as Artist's Resale Rights when the UK represents more than 50% of the EU market and yet had no ability to oppose the damaging legislation.

There are of course a series of policies we’d like to see reviewed and considered and we will be working with colleagues across the art and antiques industry in establishing what’s in the best interests of the trade and the UK market.

After the series of shocks and instability that this result will cause have passed, it is imperative that the Government focusses on ensuring that the policies it implements encourage and enhance global trade and the art and antique market can be a standard bearer for this new liberated and progressive approach.


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