Abbott and Holder present exhibition of 1970s New York Fashion Illustrations by Brian Stonehouse

Posted: 2016-04-15 15:46:58 - Last updated: 2016-04-15 15:47:42

To celebrate Bath in Fashion 2016, BADA watercolour specialists Abbott and Holder are collaborating with MAZE to exhibit a selection of works by American Vogue Fashion Illustrator Brian Stonehouse M.B.E.

Stonehouse led a remarkable life, and his works are much in demand thanks in no small part to the popularity of a recent biography Brian Stonehouse – Artist, Soldier, War Hero, Fashion Illustrator by Fred Sharf, released to coincide with a gift of his work to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Stonehouse studied at Ipswich School of Art in the 1930’s, where he showed a talent for portraiture, before joining the Royal Artillery in World War II. A fluent French speaker, he was recommended for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in 1942 and sent to sabotage the German War effort from behind enemy lines.

Disguised as a French art student, with a B2 suitcase radio concealed within his artist’s box, Brian was able to transmit from occupied France for four months, until his arrest by the Gestapo. He survived torture, slave labour and internment at four concentration camps and was described by his contemporaries as an inspirational figure.

Having emigrated to New York in 1946 he began a new career as an artist and fashion illustrator, most notably with American Vogue between 1952-1962 and later for department store Saks Fifth Avenue, New York and Elizabeth Arden.

The drawings from his American Vogue years have become increasingly sought after and expensive, so the work on offer at Abbott and Holder’s exhibition, presents a great opportunity for those who are beginning to collect fashion illustrations.

The exhibition takes place at MAZE, 19 Green Street Bath from Saturday 16 April – Saturday 7 May

For more information on Brian Stonehouse and Abbott and Holder click here

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