BADA Best Stand winners at Olympia

Posted: 2015-11-11 17:23:21 - Last updated: 2015-11-11 17:26:19

The winners of this year’s BADA Best Stand Awards at the Winter Olympia Fine Art & Antiques Fair have been announced.

The prestigious Awards are awarded annually in recognition of outstanding design and presentation of stands demonstrated by BADA members exhibiting at the Fair.

The Awards are judged on the opening day of the Fair by a panel of industry leaders. In deciding the winners the judges consider: overall presentation; imaginative layouts; the quality of exhibits and the visual impact and enticement of the stand to the fair visitor.

This year’s panel of experts were; Samantha Scott-Jefferies, editor of the popular monthly magazine, Homes & Antiques; Chester Jones, the well-respected interior decorator and Jo Baring, curator of The Ingram Collection.

Three prizes were awarded for Best Stand; Best Display of Pictures or Textiles and Best Use of Display Cabinets. The Winners are:
-Best Stand: Howard Walwyn (stand E12)
-Best Stand Displaying Pictures or Textiles: Christopher & Angela Legge Carpets and Textiles (stand E31)
-Best Stand Using Display Cabinets: AD Antiques & Signed & Designed (stand G29).

The judges were impressed by the particularly clever way that Howard Walwyn, Best Stand Winner, had put together his display of clocks. He has created a central focal point with the use of an entrance onto the stand framed by two longcase clocks - this draws the eye to the inner area of the stand with the help of a chimneypiece.

Once enticed onto the stand a visitor could turn round and inspect a group of smaller pieces in cabinets as well as a range of bracket clocks. A large number of clocks had been fitted onto the stand, yet there was no feeling of clutter.

The judges also praised the use of black walls as a foil to the clocks and vitrines inside, which stood out through judicious use of lighting.

The judges felt that Christopher & Angela Legge Carpets and Textiles, Best Stand Displaying Pictures or Textiles winner, had presented their textiles and carpets with ‘brave understatement’.

The judges noted that the dealers used their space to its full advantage. On the walls were four large and distinctively coloured textiles and these contrasted with the neatly rolled or folded textiles below, some were smartly presented in a glass cabinet.

This approach provided a sense of a considerable choice of objects for customers to inspect.

For Best Stand Using Display Cabinets, the judges commented that AD Antiques & Signed and Designed had used a large number of glass display cabinets to set off their distinctive ceramics in what they described as a creative use of space.

The stand was divided symmetrically into two halves, with contemporary objects in one half and 20th-century objects in the other. This made it easy for visitors to understand the distinction in the two types of objects in which the dealer specialises.

There was also a creative use of walls for hanging larger objects above the cabinets.

The stand had clearly been well-planned, designed and arranged. The judges felt that someone who may not necessarily have been attracted to the collecting fields represented by the stock would still be drawn onto the stand to investigate.

Commenting on this year’s BADA Best Stand Awards, Marco Forgione, BADA CEO, said: “I’m really pleased at the design and presentation quality and expertise shown by this year’s winners. Displaying beautiful objects in a fair environment requires a real understanding not just of the space and environment but also how to appeal to potential buyers. All three winners have shown exceptional ability and are worthy winners.”

Speaking about the awards, BADA Secretary General, Mark Dodgson said:

“I always find that the Best Stand Awards show the creative ingenuity of BADA members, who love the objects they sell and are true masters at presenting them in a way that makes heads turn.

“At this year’s fair there has been an excellent choice of very carefully thought-out stands for the judges to consider. Visitors lucky enough to visit the fair can appreciate the unique qualities of the beautiful objects on display mainly because of the way in which they are presented. The stands also provide inspiration for how best to use antiques in a 21st century home.”

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