BADA announces Best Stand Awards at Olympia 2014

Posted: 2014-11-06 13:06:25 - Last updated: 2014-11-07 12:15:14

The BADA Best Stand awards have been announced for the Winter Olympia Art & Antiques Fair.

Three prizes were awarded to members in the following categories: Best Stand, Best Stand Displaying Pictures or Textiles and Best Stand Using Display Cabinets, which we recognise due to their utilitarian nature can be more restrictive when creating an aesthetic display.

The winners of the BADA prize for Best Stand was Holly Johnson Antiques (stand G3) .

The judges of the BADA prize for Best Stand felt that the winning stand was “vibrant and exciting”.

Despite its potentially gloomy positioning at the perimeter of the hall, the stand really drew attention with its effective lighting and good use of colour. The judges remarked that whilst the objects on the stand were mainly 20th-century, dealers in antique furniture could potentially benefit from following their lead, offsetting mahogany furniture with colourful objects. It was felt that a great deal of thought and care must have gone into creating what might appear to the uninitiated as an “effortless display”.

The winner of the BADA prize for Best Stand Displaying Pictures or Textiles at this year’s Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair was Willow Gallery (stand E16)

The judges praised the way in which the exhibitor displayed their paintings in a “simple, yet crisp and elegant setting.” Their interesting mix of predominantly large canvasses were hung in a spacious way, with a judicious use of partitions that really set them off to advantage. The layout of the stand encouraged exploration, but was sufficiently open for visitors not to feel trapped. Clear and smart labelling added the finishing touch to this commendable display.

The winner of the BADA prize for Best Stand Using Display Cabinets was Hampton Antiques (stand G15).

The exhibitor had thought carefully about how to display the large number of small objects and boxes on their stand, using the space efficiently to ensure that it did not feel overcrowded.

Good lighting and an exciting and varied range of objects helped to draw visitors, as did the rotating display cabinet, which was particularly remarked upon by one judge.

Whilst the Awards given are entirely at the discretion of the invited judges, a number of concepts are taken into account, including overall presentation, imaginative layouts and the quality of exhibits, as well as the visual impact and enticement of the stand to the fair visitor.

This year the judging committee comprised:

Ivan Macquisten, editor of the Antiques Trade Gazette.

Dr Heike Zech, curator of the Gilbert Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, interior decorator.

We are grateful to all three judges for their valuable input.

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