Certificates of BADA Provenance

Posted: 2014-07-22 12:22:26 - Last updated: 2016-02-19 09:22:47

The British Antique Dealers’ Association has announced the launch of its new Certificates of BADA Provenance, which are now available to members of the association.

Since its foundation in 1918, the BADA has set the standard for trading in the antiques business. Its main aim is to establish and maintain confidence between its members and the public, both in buying and selling. It is hoped that these certificates will contribute towards achieving this.

Provenance is a crucial element in the sales process and of importance to the art market at large, and for the first time, the fact that an object has been bought from a member of the British Antiques Dealers' Association can now be recorded as part of its permanent provenance. This new initiative allows BADA members to provide their clients with a certificate of provenance, details of which will be kept permanently by the Association.

The certificates can be issued for any items current members have sold or are offering to sell. It is envisaged that owners of artifacts will keep the certificates with the objects and pass them on to future owners. Once an object is shown to have passed through the hands of a BADA dealer, it will undoubtedly be better regarded in the marketplace at large.

Commenting, BADA Chairman, Michael Cohen said:

“When we present this initiative at regional meetings our members are showing great enthusiasm for the idea and see the certificates as an excellent means of publicising the collective knowledge of the membership in a tangible form”.

The certificates will be especially appealing to overseas buyers, in particular buyers from new markets such as China and Turkey, where collectors will welcome this added assurance.

Details of all certificates are held on a centralised database by the Association, which will enable the public to check with BADA whether or not the certificate they hold is genuine. To ensure quality control and security, the hardcopies of the certificates are issued from BADA’s London Headquarters.

Customers of members who have purchased objects for which they would like to obtain a Certificate of BADA Provenance are advised to contact the member in the first instance.

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