BADA Best Stand Awards at Olympia

Posted: 2012-11-16 15:21:37 - Last updated: 2012-11-17 23:28:05

The BADA Best Stand awards have been announced for this year's Winter Fine Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia.

Three prizes were awarded to members in the following categories: Best Stand, Best Display of Flat Art to include pictures and two dimensional hangings such as textiles and rugs and Best Use of Display Cabinets, which we recognise due to their utilitarian nature can be more restrictive when creating an aesthetic display.

The winners of the BADA prize for Best Stand were husband and wife team, Christopher and Angela Legge (stand F20) .

The judges of the BADA prize for Best Stand felt that the winning stand displayed its distinctive, colourful textiles with what they described as “amplitude”.

Not only was the stand well-organised, but it also encouraged visitors to explore; to investigate teh textiles on the other side of the central partition. The judges commented on the interesting and varied shapes of the items on display, which they felt had been well-deployed. They also praised their choice of stand accessories.

The winner of the BADA prize for Best Stand Displaying Flat Art at this year’s fair was Walker Galleries Ltd (stand E3)

The exhibitor tackled the tricky question of how to use partition walls on a medium-sized stand in a prominent position. On one side of the main partition they created an arresting vignette on a busy fair thoroughfare; on the other, an inviting and relaxed space on the human scale, which provided somewhere for customers to discuss and consider the paintings on display.

The judges also commended the stand for its carefully-chosen stand furniture, which complimented the stock of pictures, without diverting attention from them.

The winner of the BADA prize for Best Stand Using Display Cabinets was J. H. Bourdon-Smith Ltd (stand H8).

They were commended for giving a boost to their display of silver and glass by choosing a dark wall felt.

Their high quality stock was arranged attractively and the judges commented on the way in which the displays of the glass complemented the displays of silver. The lighting of the objects was extremely well-managed and the exhibitors clearly understood the importance of not allowing the stand to be over-flooded with light.

Whilst the awards given are entirely at the discretion of the invited judges, a number of concepts are taken in to account, including overall presentation, imaginative layouts and the quality of exhibits, as well as the visual impact and enticement of the stand to the fair visitor.

This year the judging committee comprised:

Christopher Claxton Stevens, Master of the Company of Arts Scholars and respected furniture dealer and author.

Sarah Farrugia, marketing and communications consultant..

Philippa Glanville, formerly Chief Curator of Metalwork at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and member of the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art.

Christopher Vane Percy, interior decorator, who has a genuine love of antiques in his interior designs.

We are grateful to all four judges for their valuable input.

Speaking about the awards, BADA Secretary General, Mark Dodgson said:

"I always find that the Best Stand Awards show the creative ingenuity of BADA members, who love the objects they sell and are true masters at presenting them in a way that makes heads turn.

"I do hope the public will visit these stands.  When they do so, the manner in which the beautiful objects are displayed will help visitors to appreciate their unique qualities.  It will also provide them with ideas for how to display them in their own homes".

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